“I have known and been a client of Mr Thomas for over two years and I have found him to be an exceptionally competent Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. He has increased my mobility considerably.

He is very skilful, he has excellent interpersonal skills, he is a very understanding and compassionate man and I would strongly recommend his services to anybody who wishes to have a Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor.

I am delighted to provide this testimonial”

Assoc. Prof. Leon Kleinman



“About 4 years ago I moved to Newcastle from Sydney, along with a house load of furniture, a husband and two dogs. I came with three bulging discs L2, L3 and L4.

Needless to say my mobility was almost zero. I had sciatic pain down my right leg, had to sit to shower and needed chairs throughout the house to rest on while moving from one room to another. I took all possible medication to ease the pain.

To make my situation worse, I could not work. I am an Emergency Room nurse, so there were no light duties. The possibility of returning to work in the near future did not look promising, if I could return at all.

I was referred to a Chiropractor in Broadmeadow, who immediately started to work her magic. I asked how long it would take to improve, I was told 3 months at least.

She recommended I start Pilates with Scott. This was daunting, when I could hardly walk. I didn’t think it was possible.

Scott worked with me twice a week and gave me home work to do, which I diligently did. Our journey began, I say “our” because Scott was with me all the way.

Soon I noticed the pain slowly reducing and my strength returning. It did take 3 months, but I returned to my roles as an Emergency Room nurse.

I continue my Pilates sessions with Scott and my Chiropractic visits for maintenance. By chance, I had a CT scan of my kidneys and no bulging discs were detected.

Don’t leave starting Pilates until you have an injury, be proactive, start now!”

Rhonda, Nurse



“Having a lower back condition and arthritic right elbow, I have received constant bodywork treatment for over 30 years.

This is mainly to avoid surgery, which it has. I was advised five years ago, that I needed an elbow replacement but I refused after being told I would only have 10% strength in my elbow after recovery.

On retiring from BHP in 2000, I lost my Chiropractor and needed to find another who could treat my condition, I tried many but with no success. It was my current Chiropractor who advised me to see a Remedial Massage Therapist after being able to successfully treat my condition.

After two treatments with Amanda I had reduced pain and better movement in my arm and back. Her understanding of my condition and knowledge of how to treat my condition gives me the freedom of movement to continue working, playing golf and enjoying life in general.

I am also now able to sleep on my back, this in itself is a godsend, to get a good night’s rest!

To those who may have a condition like mine, I highly recommend Amanda for consultation and treatment. I will continue to see her for monthly appointments and hope that by doing this surgery will be avoided.”

Albert Erzetich


I was introduced to Amanda in late 2013 by her colleague, Dr Erin Bricker, for Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy in conjunction with the regular Chiropractic care I had been receiving.

My chronic conditions have taken their toll on me – physically, mentally and emotionally. Amanda uses specific techniques to help me relax and manage my stress, anxiety and chronic pain. Over time I came to understand how my mental and emotional states were impacting upon my general physical and spinal health, seen in the difference in my mood and mental outlook before and after treatment with Amanda.

The results Amanda achieves with me in our sessions may take several sessions with other practitioners. Amanda works with me to ensure the best outcome at any given time.

Amanda is genuinely a BLESSING to me, she delivers results and treats all her clients holistically. I recommend her to everyone I know and have no problem with this endorsement!

Cheryl Green